Viral video of talented twin girls from Japan performing an incredible violin duo

is a wooden string instrument in the family and is played by crossing a bow across its string or sometimes, plucking the strings with fingers.

This string instrument has the highest pitch in among string instruments and the smallest.

Even though it is commonly played these days, violin is not an easy instrument to master. Apparently, one requires at least a few years before they can get the right tone due to its sensitivity of how the bow touches the strings.

Nevertheless, once an individual has mastered the basic skills of bowing techniques, it is fairly easy to play.

Hence, why these Japanese are gaining fame at both local and international levels for their violin playing

Thanks to their amazing musical talents despite their tender age, these twin girls have gained millions of fans around the world

Just by looking at first glance, it seems that these girls have gone through numerous practices to master the string instrument.

Their synchronisation and precision is definitely not something that can be achieved overnight

The with a duration of several minutes has made rounds on the internet with more than four million views!

Watch these twin girls from a violin in this video here


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