Quiz:Your Handwriting

What is writing style? It could be more revealing than you think.

Your vertical lines are at a perfect 90 degree angle.
You are cautious and think twice about every action before you take it. You are also a very giving person, and are always thinking about how others are feeling.
There are big spaces between your words.
You are not interested in what other people are doing and wish that others would mind their own business too. Involving a lot of people in your life just makes things complicated and messy. You don't like conflict, so it's the best if people just stay away.
There are small spaces between your words.
You are a sociable and outgoing person. You enjoy attending parties and seek attention from people wherever you can. The closer you place your words together, the more afraid you are of being left alone. Loneliness is your one great fear.
Your writing is of an uneven pressure.
If you write some strokes thickly but others are thin, it's likely that you're a very unpredictable person. Sometimes you'll get very serious about something, but there's always the possibility that you'll suddenly lose interest. It can take you a long time to complete a task--if it gets done at all before something else grabs your attention.
Your writing is very small.
You can be a secretive person. You like changes and are always wanting to try something new. You also like to think seriously and are cautious when it comes to making decisions. This can make you look more mature than your friends.

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