Quiz: How do you react to compliments?

Think about the last few times you were sincerely complimented and what your responses were.

How do you to ?
You answer with a question.
When you are being complimented, you respond with a question such as "Who me?" "You think so?" or "Really?". This shows that you are a good listener and tend to agree with other people's opinions. You don't like conflict and never discriminate against others.
You return the compliment.
When you hear someone compliment you, you return the same compliment. This suggests that you are carefree and independent. You never ask for favors, preferring to help yourself instead. You like to take the lead.
You ignore the compliment.
If you try to change the subject when you are being complimented or you simply ignore it, this means that you don't like to pretend and you cherish authenticity. You feel that saying nice things to someone is merely an attempt to please the listener. You don't believe there is truth in compliments, and think that the complimenter must want something in return. You have good self-esteem and aren't afraid of criticizing, or being criticized.
You agree.
If you agree with the compliment and say "Yes! Everybody is saying that about me!", it means you are attractive and charming. You have a good sense of humor, and are open, confident and witty.
You refer to others.
If you shift the compliment towards someone else, it means you are a loyal friend and enjoy being part of a team. You are helpful and dedicated to your work. You believe that everybody is equal and hate all kinds of discrimination.
You say "thank you" graciously.
If you are gracious and simply say thank you when you receive a compliment, it shows that you are confident and self-assured. You respect the privacy of others, and don't like to poke your nose into anyone's business. You are sure of what your values are, and are proud of what you believe.

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